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Garage Door Maintenance: What to check and When

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door is the primary entrance of your house so you need to maintain and check it from time to time. You can do all garage door maintenance and checking by yourself but if you do not have times or uncomfortable with the task you can ask the professionals make a maintenance schedule. Before you do the checking and maintenance, make sure you tell other members in the family to not open and close the door until you finish the task. It is only for safety reason.

Visual inspection

Do the visual inspection regularly every month. Close the garage door and watch all the parts of the door from the spring, wiring cable, rollers, tracks, pulley, hangers and hinges for any signs of fatigues or damages. It may be the signs of more serious problems if you see anything that doesn’t seem right.

Door balance

If you have an automatic door opener, disconnect it for a while. Then try to lift the door by yourself. The sign for more serious problem if you feel strong resistance when you lift the door or it won’t remain fully open. Do door balance test regularly every month.

Reversing mechanism

This test is for garage door maintenance with an automatic door opener system. Open the garage door and put something that could block the door like wooden block in the middle of doorway where the door would close to the ground. Close the door by pushing the button. Once the door hit the block, it should automatically reverse for the normal doors. If it is not, it means you should ask the professionals to repair it. Do the reversing mechanism test regularly every month.

Photo eye

Every automatic door opener system should have had photo eye sensor to prevent the entrapment. Open the door to the fullest then push the switch to close it. When it is closing, make a wave before the photo eye sensor and check if the door will reverse. If the door is not reverse, the sensor may have something dirty that decrease its sensitivity or it is out of alignment. Let the door close then clean photo eye sensor and adjust the alignment. Repeat the test once more. If it is still not reverse, call the professional to repair the sensor. Check the photo eye sensor regularly every month.

Force setting

For an automatic door opener system it is necessary to check the force setting regularly every month. Let the garage door open fully then push the switch to close it. When the door is running close, with your hand outstretched try to push the bottom edge of the door. The doors should reverse in normal garage door. If it is running close and you feel the force setting is excessive then it is time for you to call the professionals.


Apply the lubricants to all parts of the door that constantly moves every time the door is up and down like rollers and hinges at least once a year as the part of garage door maintenance.
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