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How to Do Garage Door Panel Replacement

When your garage door is damaged, garage door panel replacement is the thing you have to consider. Replacing garage door panel can become the choice to get a new look of your garage door. But, there are things should be considered before doing it. Read this information to know more about garage door panel replacement.

Should I Replace Just One Garage Door Panel?

Garage door usually consist of many panels, so garage door panel replacement can be done to all panel or just one panel. Some conditions make people just need one panel replacement, but there are also people who need all garage door panel replacement. It is not a big problem and depends on your budget and need. But when you just choose one panel replacement, it will influence the look of your garage door. New panel usually looks so different from the existing panel. And then, the appearance of your garage door will look so weird. So if you have enough budget, you are better to replace all garage door panel to get perfect and good looking garage door.

The Steps of Garage Door Panel Replacement

After considering how many panel you want to replace, now you can replace your garage door panel. Follow the steps below to do perfect garage door panel replacement:

  • Before doing garage door panel replacement, you have to unplug the door opener and remove the springs of your garage door. During this procedure, let the garage door down.
  • Remove the old panel. For doing this step, you have to detach the old panel. The old panel usually attached to other panel and also to guide track. Your task is removing the panel and make it separate from another panel and guide track. You can remove it from the top side, then bottom side.
  • Replace the panel with new door panel. Do it like the previous step, but in reverse.
  • To make it looks perfect, you can re-paint the door panels to get good looking garage door. It is also recommended for you who just replace one panel of garage door. To make the garage door looks same and good, you can repaint it.

Those are the information for you about garage door panel replacement. Hopefully the information above will give you right description to do right garage door panel replacement.
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