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Garage Door Repair Cost for Most Common Problems

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Garage door repair cost depends on the size, style and material that the door used. It may vary also in different areas. The average cost for repairing garage door at home residents is about $200, it may cost higher at apartment buildings and commercial business building. From those all repairing service, we could find the most common problems that could happen to garage doors and how much it will be cost. Have a look.

Garage door springs

The springs on every garage doors will be broken someday since the metal will be fatigue after so many times it is opened up and down. Torsion springs on garage door usually have average 10,000 cycle of close/open. If you have two springs for the doors, it is recommended to replace both of them though it is only one that has problem since the second springs will break soon after the first one. The average cost for repairing springs on tilt door is about $150 to $200, while for roll-up door is about $200 to $250. All these cost is for 2 car doors. If professionals think that they need to disassemble brackets to remove the springs, the cost may get higher about $50 to $100.

Garage door wiring

Garage door repair cost for broken wiring is about $150 to $200. Actually the wiring cable is not expensive however because you need professional or licensed electrician to install it and also it takes some times to repair the wiring, that makes you should spend amount of money to pay the repairing.

Garage door panels

If some of your garage door panels are broken or cracked, you may have to pay $150 - $200 to repair them. For repairing the whole panels you need $250 - $400 but if your panels are still in-production model. If they are outdate models, you may have to pay more than that since you should change them to another new panels or get brand new garage doors. The average cost for garage doors replacement is about $800. The repairing cost for garage door panels also depends on its materials. The cheapest repairing cost is for steel doors and the most expensive cost is for wooden doors. The repairing cost for aluminum and fiberglass doors are in between those two doors. You can repair by yourself if only for small dents, rust, rot or holes on the door panels. That way you can save your money for garage door repair cost.

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