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New Garage Door Cost: How Much to Spend?

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How much is the new garage door cost?” is a question which must have been crossed anyone’s mind whenever they are frustrated dealing with the continuous troubles with their garage door. There will be a tough consideration to decide whether it’s okay to merely repair the problems or it will save more maintenance cost to install a new garage door. By then, there will be no other choices but finding out the estimation of a new garage door cost before you can decide wisely.

Overall Cost

It has been surveyed widely that a new garage door cost for around $ 500 to $ 800, depends on the company you choose. This is such a rational price considering how the professional can handle the installation of a new garage for coarsely 5 hours, while if you try to install it by your own you will need at least 9 hours. Besides, that range of new garage door cost is reasonable as you really need the experts considering this is a 2-person’s jobs which requires even knowledge on household electronic systems and advanced carpentry skills.

Breakdown the Cost

Now, let’s try to see the new garage door cost breakdown to estimate how much you’re going to pay.
  • Contractor: Different contractors offer different prices for the garage door they sell and install. The range for a single tilt-up garage door installation can range from $ 400 to $ 700, while the single roll-up models can be higher from $ 800 to $ 1000.

  • The Door styles: The styles of the garage door are varied and we pay according to the style of the garage door we choose. For example, you can spend more new garage door cost by adding steel or wood frames which add stability and security. Meanwhile, you can install insulation to reduce the energy cost.

  • The openers: After a new garage door installed, you may need to spend at least $ 150 to install garage door opener which comes with secure automatic option.

Additional Cost

The estimation for a new garage door cost hasn’t stopped yet. Aside from those factors, the measure such as the choice of the widths (whether single-with or double-width), exterior lighting features on the garage door and steel entry doors can definitely affect a new garage door cost. Getting these additional features may cost you for about $ 250 to $ 1000. It may look like too much money, but trust me, every money spent for a brand new garage door cost will be worth it.
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