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Decorative Garage Doors Ideas for Your Home

decorative garage doors

Decorative garage doors these days these days are pretty popular. It since the function of door is not only for safety but also for aesthetical reason. It is not surprising if the garage doors that we can find in the market are available in wide variety of style and materials. This actually makes homeowners easier to find type of door for the garage based on their need and preference. Many of them are designed in a particular look so that it can match well with different kind of house style. If you are looking for some inspirations, you can take benefits from some of these ideas.  

Modern style 

When modern style home becomes a trend these days, the same way also happens for a garage door. Garage door with this style serves as perfect complement for modern and contemporary house. Garage door with modern style uses simple materials and contain less of adornment. This door most likely comes with dynamic design which looks sophisticated. It might purely use one material or combination from two or more materials. For instance, if you have modern or contemporary house, you can make a garage door from the combination of wooden materials and thick glass.  

Classic style 

There are a lot of ideas when it comes to garage doors in classic style. Wooden material works the best for this style. For instance, you can purely use wood as the material for the door. You only need to polish it so that it exudes smooth and warm look. Classic style almost cannot be separated from decorations to soften the strong look of wood you can combine it with plants to border the door. Another idea when you use wooden door is by painting it with white color to soften the look. You also can give accent to improve the looks. For instance, you can make decorative corbels under the edge of roof. They will not only add character but also style of the garage look.  

Traditional style 

 Making the door in traditional look also serves as good option for your garage. You can get inspiration from some middle age designs like farmer house. You can make a door with round side on the top part. Then, you combine the material from both wood and iron. You pain the door in the combination of grey or brown and black. This old look design can be great idea as decorative garage doors.
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