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Saving Energy, Use Garage Door Weatherstripping

It’s non sense to say that garage door weatherstripping is not important for your house! We know that even the perfect garage doors have the gap in its bottom. All garage doors don’t close all the way to the floor because it avoid scraping the ground. And that gap which should protect your floor does allow hot and cold blasts of weather at the same time. Here is why garage door weather stripping comes as a solution.

Why You Need Garage Door Weather Stripping 

Garage door weatherstripping offer you win-win solution for your garage dilemma. As the weather stripping is installed at the bottom of your garage door, it closes all the gaps which was once there risking your home from any damages. However, as the materials of weather stripping is ‘floor-friendly’ rubber, it will not leave any scratch to your garage floor as well. After all, the main reason for installing the garage door weather stripping is to save energy. Without the weather stripping we could feel the hot and cold weather slipping into our house; demanding us to turn on the AC or heater. When we install the weather stripping, we minimize the use of energy for AC or heater. There are two types of weather stripping which are mostly used nowadays which are garage door thresholds and door sweeps. 

 Garage Door Threshold 

This type of weather stripping is made of rubber. So, the rubber barrier is attached to your garage floor. Therefore when you close the door, it will be pressed down onto the garage door threshold. It works as effective as an airtight seal which keep your garage and home away from bad weather as well as unwanted pests outside. However, this type of weather stripping is not suitable for tilt-up garage doors as the angle makes it hard for the garage doors to hit the threshold and make a perfect airtight seal. Besides, having threshold for the tilt-up garage door will make closing the door inconvenient as well.  

Garage Door Sweep 

If you have a tilt-up garage door, you should consider combining the garage door sweep with door threshold. Instead of being attached to the garage floor, the door sweep is installed along the bottom edge of the garage door. However, as it still not pests-resistant, it is recommended to install it along with the threshold as well. The positive point here is that this garage door weatherstripping is well-fitted for any kind of garage door materials from aluminum to the wooden door.
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