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Best Closing Performance with Idrive Garage Door Opener

Many of you will wonder, “Do I need Idrive garage door opener or not?” Idrive is an innovative garage door opener which is claimed to be quieter and space saving. It is the frontrunners from torsion drive units which is produced by Wayne-Dalton. Here we will review the use of this garage door opener option so you can decide yourself, whether or not you need it.  

How does Idrive work? 

Idrive is one of the torsion drive unit model which is mounted on your garage’s front wall, right above or to the side of the door. As it is attached directly to torsion shaft, it eliminates the necessity to mount the box on the ceiling along a track leading. On the other words, you need no more chains, belts, or screw drivers and you have additional 6 – 8 inches of ceiling clearance for the result. 

 Who Need Idrive? 

For those who have tall cars like SUV while at the same time have a little lower garage ceiling, Idrive garage door opener is such a perfect choice for you! Just for your information, Idrive door opener also offer you a much quieter and faster door opening experience than the traditional designs. It is quieter because it works without ceiling-mounted track which transfer noise into your house. As for the speed, if the standard speed of traditional design is approximately 7 inches per second, Idrive opener can do the same work for almost twice as fast which is at 12 inches per second. Therefore, for you who are looking for those qualities for your garage door opener, Idrive the speediest and the most nose-free option you should consider.  

How much does Idrive cost? 

Considering the great quality of this original torsion drive unit, you may wonder how much you have to spend to get one for your garage. Idrive door opener is for sale for around $300. Perhaps it is quite expensive for you, however, the warranty it comes with is no joke! For the motor against any defects, whether in materials or workmanship, it gives a lifetime limited warranty. As for the other components, there are also some extended limited warranties which you can check the details directly with the dealer. There is one more fact for you who still wonder if it’s worth the price. Idrive garage door opener is the easiest to install if you compare it to other designs of torsion drive units!
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